*****  Vocal Folds Imaging and Dynamics  *****


Depth Kymography, 3D-imaging, and numerical simulations

of human vocal folds vibrations during phonation.

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- experimental: human vocal folds, laryngoscope design, laser triangulation, high-speed camera, position-sensitive array detector, clinical measurements;

- numerical simulations: two-masses model with horizontal and vertical freedom of motion, iterative solutions of equations of motion, alternating with solution of flows-pressures model using electrical circuits analogue;

- comparisons : of measurements and simulations, as functions of time.




Instrument,   Optics,    Simulations + Comparisons with measurements

See also PPT- file: Vocal Folds Dynamics PPT-file (in PDF) and "List of Publications" (from no. 315 ...).


See   VIDEO    of the Dynamics of the Vocal folds (incl. explanation)


Download simulation program   VocalFolds.zzz   here  

(change *.zzz -> *.zip, then unzip, then change *.fff -> *.exe and run)


Human Vocal Folds:

1, 2: right/left (!) fold; 3: blood vessel; 4: open glottis

Depth-kymography:   laser line imaging using triangulation

Depth kymograph

Depth-kymography image of vocal folds surface

as a function of time

Numerical simulations:   Two-masses model with springs and dampers.

Comparison of measurements and simulations, at different times during vibrational cycle.  Movie: VFDyn-movie


EXAMPLES OF SCREENS: (All screens also have print and file output in table format (compatible with Excel-like programs)


↓Fig.1. Start screen

↓Fig.2. Input screen (for references see publications)



↓Fig.3. Running simulation (coordinates, pressures and flows)

↓Fig.4. Running simulation with sounds and movie panel shown.



↓Fig.5. Results: pivot plot: changes in parameters upon changes in 1 par.

↓Fig.6. As Fig.5, but  3D-plot (log.)



↓Fig.7. Results: Slope plot: relative mutual changes in parameters