Laser-Doppler Perfusion Monitoring of Microcirculation


Analysis: modeling upon provocations, Fourier-spectra:

Post-Occlusive Reactive Hyperemia (PORH) and Iontophoresis

Physical/physiological model, based on two characteristic time constants (for PORH: arterial and capillary; for Iontophoresis: diffusion and decay/removal).

The files can be used freely, provided you promise to be so kind as to mention the name of the author and not to change the files without consulting the author.

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  • PAOD, occlusion, laser-Doppler flowmetry, blood flux, diabetes, pre-eclampsia,


  • See movie about: methods, instruments, measurements and physiological model testing.

1.    Laser-Doppler Blood Perfusion Flowmetry (Methods and Instruments)

2.    Post-Occlusive Reactive Hyperemia to study Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease

3.    Drug Administration using Iontophoresis to study preeclampsia



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         (Rename *.zzz -> *.zip and unzip; then rename *.fff -> *.exe and run)

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General objective of the program:


  • Implementation of the models (PORH and Iontophoresis)
  • Fit of the model to measured time recordings of Laser-Doppler Perfusion Monitoring and calculation of model parameters
  • Averaging of parameters over groups of subjects (e.g. patients versus healthy control persons)


EXAMPLES OF SCREENS (All screen output is also available in print and file form (compatible with Excel-like programs)


↓ Fig.1. Start screen

↓Fig.2. Menu screen (and screen size)



↓Fig.3. Read measurement file and selection of data

↓Fig.4. Correction for spikes etc.



↓Fig.5. PORH-measurements: model fitting

↓Fig.6. Iontophoresis measurements: model fitting



↓Fig.7. Comparison of measurements

↓Fig.8. Fourier analysis



↓Fig.9. Comparison of model parameters resulting from model fitting