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Frits de Mul

F.F.M. de Mul ( DeMul )

...-2003:  University of Twente, (UHD, Assoc.Prof.; retired 2003)   Department Applied Physics, Enschede, the Netherlands

·        Courses (theoretical and practical)

·        Research/development, research group Biomedical Optics, (also in Biomedical Technology Institute (BMTI/MIRA).

2003-2008: (while retired) Parttime at University of Groningen, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Engineering (BMSA/Kolff Institute), University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Groningen, the Netherlands

2008-2010 : (while retired) Parttime at ZiekenhuisGroep Twente ZGT (Hospitals Group Twente; Almelo/Hengelo) : Dept. of   Clinical Physics , Almelo/Hengelo, the Netherlands

2010-... : (while retired) Parttime at Medphys Software & Services , support for Biomedical / Clinical Physicists with software, courses and advices .

email:     ffmdemul** (replace ** with the "at"-symbol) ; 

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   Courses presented at University Twente:

·        electricity and magnetism, electromagnetism, course material, fields, potentials, currents, electromagnetic waves, Franklin, Coulomb, Galvani, Volta, Laplace, Earnshaw, Gauss, Stokes, Oersted, Ampère, Faraday, induction, Maxwell, Helmholtz, Lorentz, Hertz, Millikan, Poynting,

·        radiation physics and protection, course material, radioactive decay, physical interactions, instrumentation, biological damage, risks, limits, laws, contamination, ingestion and inhalation, laboratory design, permissions for transport and for application of radionuclides in hospitals, (courses for national certificates Radiation Protection Expertise levels 3, 4, 5),

·        biomedical optics: electromagnetic scattering theories, scattering by particles and dielectric volumes; Dipole / Rayleigh / Mie / Raman scattering, light sources, detection physics, applied to Biomedical Optics (light scattering in tissue, laser-Doppler velocimetry etc.).

·        dynamics and kinematics: Newton laws, kinematic trajectories, translations, rotations, Coriolis effects, astronomical trajectories, vibrations and (harmonic) waves.

·        opto-electronics (with R. Kooyman) : light modulation, birefringe, non-linear optics, luminescence, semiconductor lasers, photon detectors, waveguides, fibers, Fourier Optics and filtering,

·        adventurous problem solving of mathematical/physical problems: applied to electromagnetism, distributed charge and current integrations.

   Research and development: (research group: Biomedical Optics)

·        light scattering and absorption, light transport, turbid media, skin, tissue, inclusions, reflection, transmission, ultrahigh frequency modulation, Monte-Carlo simulations, layer systems, Raman scattering, fluorescence, polarimetry, red infrared diode lasers,

·        laser-Doppler monitoring and imaging, blood vessels, microcirculation, perfusion, flowmetry, instrument design, diode lasers,

·        biomedical optics, instrument design, light scattering in tissue, absorption, laser-Doppler, glucose sensing, post-occlusive reactive hyperemia, iontophoresis, oximetry, modelling,

·        photo-acoustics, monitoring and imaging, blood vessels, tissue structure, photoacoustic mammography,

·        vocal folds imaging : depth kymography, 3D-imaging and numerical simulations of 3D-movements of human vocal folds,

·        (previously) Raman (micro)spectroscopy of biological molecules (cells, DNA, etc.): SERS, CARS, monitoring and imaging, instrument development


   Publications: see:     List of publications    (pdf)


   Available software, videos and presentations:  see home screen