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Software package for calculations and bookkeeping

 of nuclides, radiological instruments and personnel badges



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Frits de Mul      


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Contents of the package:     with VIDEO

Nuclide data : types of radiation (α, β, γ, n, ), spectra, attenuation coefficients, irradiation data, dose coefficients, transport conditions, shielding etc. Bookkeeping of nuclides used in hospitals etc.

Radiological badges of employees; overall bookkeeping system with statistical applications (individuals over years and groups, locations over individuals and years). Automated input from badge measurement files, and automated check with local personal data files, using matching algorithms (e.g. Johnson vs. Jonson). Extensive output in table form and graphic figures. The program is a full administrative system, providing data needed for Institutional Reports and Nuclear Law Dossiers (NL: KEW-dossiers). It runs on your local computer, without online connections, so less danger for hacking or data theft.

Laser damage in eye and on skin. Pulsed and continuous lasers. Calculation of Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance, according to EU-Directive 2006/25/EU. New data are under development.

The package was originally developed by the author (see main page) for use in his Institute. It is now made available for free to the  (former) colleagues. The underlying data used are taken from open sources or are made available on a personal basis.

      *** NB. All names and personal data, used in the examples, are  fictitious !! ***


DOWNLOAD PACKAGE:   with video

Stand-alone version, for usage in institutes:

DOWNLOAD - Instructions for the STAND-ALONE program:

1.      Create a HYGIRAD-folder in your computer (if not present yet)

2.      Download HYGIRAD.zzz from here to that folder (your first download), or

Download HYGIRAD_update.zzz  .

3.      Change *.zzz into *.zip and unzip all files into that folder (delete or overwrite older file versions!)

4.      Read file READ ME FIRST.txt.

5.      Change  HYGIRAD-Xnn.fff into *.exe (Xnn = version no.)

6.      Run HYGIRAD-Xnn.exe by double-click.

NB. *.GEG-files are program data, *.INP and *.INB-files are meant for your data input. See HELP in the program.


ONLINE programs. See previous screen.



This program package is free to use.

We spent a lot of time and effort in developing it.

Therefore, we would appreciate if you could spend a small amount to help cover our expenses.

In that case, please send us a free donation, to bank account no.:


NL30INGB0000002875 (F.F.M. de Mul, Almelo, the Netherlands), bank BIC.no.: INGBNL2A (ING-bank).


If you wish, and we got your address, we will send you a receipt (or pro-forma invoice).


Please send us your address, so that we can inform you directly about updates.


In case you feel a bit reluctant to enter your data into the program data files, we could take over that job. Please contact us to talk about possibilities. Or in case you have special wishes….



For more information: contact via mail: ffmdemul “at” gmail.com                              

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